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  • How to delay ejaculation

    Are you feeling frustrated because you lack sexual stamina? Do you want to know how to delay ejaculation because your ejaculation comes too soon, making you feel completely embarrassed about it? Are you worried that your partner seeks sexual pleasures somewhere else simply because you fail to perform in bed? If your answer to all of the above questions is yes, then fret not. You are NOT alone in this way of feeling. In actual fact, up to 40% of men suffer regularly from premature ejaculation. What a good company you are in my friend! Read more »

  • How to prevent premature ejaculation

    Are you tired of getting embarrassed any time your ejaculation comes too soon while you’re having intercourse? Would you rather wish you last longer in bed and make your woman reach an orgasm prior to when you yourself do? Certainly you do! As a matter of fact more than 75 percent of men want to have power to stay longer and learn how to prevent premature ejaculation. If you are one of such men then you are urged to first of all learn the following 4 myths concerning premature ejaculation(PE) and destroy your quick ejaculation problems for life! Read more »

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